Sunday, July 15, 2012


Well, I have now uploaded my novels to Amazon and been accepted! This makes me really happy because it means I have got the formatting right. The formatting is the hardest to get right. LOL Yes, writing takes time, but formatting has to be done in exactly the right way or your eBooks get rejected. So it makes me really happy to have passed Amazon's scrutiny. I'm still under review at Smashwords for their Premium Catalogue, but if Amazon has accepted the books, then I imagine Smashwords will as well. *whew*

Here are the links to both of my Author Pages:



The Amazon site does not allow me to put free books onto it, so the first book in this series has a price attached to it. If you'd like to download "The Beginning", I would suggest you do so at the Smashwords site. They have files for Kindle as well as for all of the other eBook readers, so you're good there.

Also, if you enjoy "The Beginning", you can have a look at the other books and then if you like them and would like to purchase them, I have a 50% coupon for "The Trouble with Dreams" that is good until the end of July. Let me know by email and I'll get a coupon to you. (

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