Thursday, August 16, 2012

Deakin Inheritance

I'm very excited because I have just finished publishing "Deakin Inheritance" on

That's my fourth book published in about a month. Not bad for an old girl.

I am struggling a bit these days with my keyboard, so can't type quite as fast as I usually do. You see, my "shift" keycap on the right is missing. That slows me down when I need to make a capital from that side, but doesn't stop me entirely. Anyway, today's blog isn't about that. I just thought I'd toss it in so you know that I am one of those "starving artist" types. LOL

Deakin Inheritance has been a long time getting to this point. It started out in 1996 as a romance set in Thunder Bay, Canada. My sister Patti helped me with setting scenes right in my mind and we had a lot of laughs over playing with ideas. I had the whole romance novel finished and set it aside to work on other thngs. But I'm not a romance novelist and I was never really happy with the book. I'm a sci-fi/fantasy kinda girl. So after a few years, this book got a complete makeover. New character names, new location, and new slant to the story. I truly like how it's turned out and I hope you do as well.

"How does one give back an inheritance if keeping it means losing your life? Ever since she inherits several million credits, Calida has been on the run. She has no idea who is chasing her or why, but with the help of some new friends, she finds herself able to keep one step ahead of her pursuers. But when they finally do catch up, Calida discovers that no one she knows is who she thought they were. Her world is turned completely upside down until she forces a confrontation and finally uncovers the truth. "

I've decided to make this a free book for a very limited time (until August 31, 2012). If you follow the link it will take you to Smashwords and you can download the book in any format you like. Remember... it's only FREE for a very short time! After August 31 it will go to $3.99. Tell your friends and family about it as well so they can enjoy a free novel. And please leave me a review back at Smashwords so I know what YOU think of my story.

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