Sunday, August 19, 2012


I wonder how many people will help me accomplish something that is very important to me. I would love to give away, absolutely free and with not even one little string attached, 1,000 copies of my eBook "Deakin Inheritance" by August 31. Will YOU help me do this?

All you have to do is pass the information to your friends and other contacts, by email, Facebook, in person, or any other means, and allow this post to be carried forward from there. You can copy and paste this message or make one up of your own, or just tell people... but please help me get it out there. I started this a few days ago and have been able to give my book to 183 people so far. But that's not "close enough" to 1,000. So, help me if you can.

Send your friends, relatives, work mates, or anyone you want to tell about this phenomenal offer, to The link to the free book is right on the front page, so it's not hard to find.

After August 31 I have to raise the price of this book to it's regular retail $3.99. Until then, it is free. Thanks for helping me make 1,000 people happy by giving them something good for free. :)

BOOK DESCRIPTION: "Inheriting several million credits might be everyone's dream, but when the only other heir decides to hunt her down, Calida wonders if it's worth risking her life. How does one give back an inheritance?"

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  1. UNSOLICITED REVIEW BY "LESLIE" (copied from Smashwords on my Deakin Inheritance book page): "I enjoyed this, couple plot holes you could drive a bus through, but they are addressed as the story runs on, at a pretty hectic pace. Great paced page turner, no silly science to escape a trap, everyone thinks their way out, and I def. want to read the further adventures of Calida; there's folks we find out about as the book grows that decidedly need to be seen. Read it straight through, so def a page turner."