Thursday, August 9, 2012

Presenting... Deakin Inheritance

I haven't been feeling very good the past few days, so I've been laying around a lot, not doing much of anything, except watching Facebook and playing a game on there. Today I'm still a bit shaky but I also need to get some work done, so I'll stay at my computer and work on "Deakin Inheritance" today and for the next few days until it's ready to publish. The cover is designed, as you can see. All I have to do is the last edit. It's already been formatted to Smashwords requirements, so it's ready to go once that's done. Anyway, that's my plans for the next couple or three days.

"Deakin Inheritance" is the next book that I will be publishing. It is a step away from the fantasy I usually write and into science fiction. Calida Tomson is a young woman who must travel from her home town on the Moon to Mars to collect an inheritance. She believes that her inheritance won't be much more than a souvenir from her aunt, but it turns out that her aunt was quite wealthy and Calida ends up being very rich. Her cousin, her aunt and uncle's only child, is furious that he has to share his inheritance with anyone. Wealthy in his own right, his greed shines through, and after the reading of the will, Calida begins to be followed. Fortunately she has met a few people who help her. A trip through the galaxy proves dangerous and enlightening at the same time and the surprise ending will, no doubt, shock the readers.

"Deakin Inheritance" will be a free book once I publish it and I hope you will watch for it and download it to enjoy.

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