Friday, July 13, 2012

Great Friday... Great News!

I am so pumped right now! I finished formatting three books this morning and have now got two of them published! The third one seems to be giving me trouble and I'm not sure why. But two are done. Yippee!!

If you would like to see, I have one free short story that starts the series and then the first book. The free one can be found here and the first epic book is here I also have a page on Smashwords that lists all of my work. It can be found here

I'll be keeping this blog updated as I go along. I still have to get book 2 of the Phaon and Mariah series uploaded and then have to work on the formatting of the first book in my Ebba Lytle series. Then it's on to finish book 3 of the Phaon and Mariah series... and book 2 of the Ebba Lytle series. Then to finish up Ebba Lytle (it's a 3 book series). Then write books 4 and 5 of the Phaon and Mariah series. *whew* I wonder... should I work on my poetry and publish that too? *hm* Something to consider for sure.

Anyway, book 2 has finally finished publishing so I must truck off to get things sorted out there. Have a wonderfully fulfilling Friday the thirteenth!

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