Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

I received some feedback about my book "Deakin Inheritance" and now I need to have another look through it to catch the errors I missed. This has to be done before I put it up on Amazon as part of their KDP program. So I've started that and expect to have "Deakin Inheritance" published on Amazon by September 15... if I can keep myself on track!

I did pretty good the first day of re-editing.... but then we got our iPads and I got distracted. I've been struggling with learning how to use mine, and pretty much set the editing aside while I concentrated on that. It's a pretty steep learning curve, even for me. Not only am I learning to use a new device, but it's a Mac/Apple device as well. I've always used PC things. Don't get me wrong... I love my iPad. But I have gotten frustrated several times over the week, especially when it takes me hours to finally figure something out. I am progressing though, which is good, and can do some things with ease now. Like email. At first I had all of my emails coming on to my iPad. Convenient. But then I had my iPad delete some emails that were extremely important and I decided that going to each email site was probably a better choice for me. I haven't lost an email since. *sigh* 

One thing I did get was "my Bones series" from the iTunes store. It's one of a very few television shows that I truly enjoy. I like the intelligence of the characters as well as their dynamics. I love the mystery each week. I'm not the kind of person to try to figure out the murderer in advance. I actually have no problem knowing "who done it" but I enjoy watching how the author sorts through it and brings about the conclusion. I've watched the whole Bones series through... the first six seasons, three times!... and am enjoying watching it from start to end of season 7 once more. I've nearly made my way through season one again. :) I know it has nothing to do with either learning to use my iPad or editing my book, but that's okay. Everyone needs relaxation and diversion... even authors.

Speaking of being an author... I have received two very awesome and encouraging reviews on "Deakin Inheritance". Both of them said the reviewer is looking forward to the next Calida book. Hm? I had always considered "Deakin" a stand-alone novel... not the first of a series. I guess I'd better get on that and get another Calida book written. :)

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