Friday, June 21, 2013

Flooding in Alberta

This is a repeat of my personal blog for today.

It is the first day of summer... the longest day of the year. Happy Summer Solstice to YOU!

What a day for the folks of southern Alberta! This is Calgary, not Venice. That's the Centre Street bridge and downtown. 


I hear that the Saddledome is in structural difficulty. Two weeks until Stampede... I wonder what will happen.



I have a friend in High River... well she's in Calgary at the moment. In a safe neighbourhood... so far. She's lost pretty much everything. I feel so helpless. I can't even give her a hug at this time. I don't have a picture of her area... but it's as under water as the downtown area is. So Sad!



I have another friend in Deer Run. I tried to call her but there was no answer. That area was evacuated today and I have no idea how they are, where they are, or anything. I hope they are okay.

We aren't in Calgary right now... we've been staying in the Cross Iron Mills area for the last week or so. It's high enough and far away enough from the rivers to not be too bothered by flooding... but the rain is still coming. We've been talking and I think we're going to head past Red Deer in the next day or so. If that floods, we won't be able to make it to Edmonton and we do need to. So we're thinking that might be our best move. At least we can do that... travel out of the way of the flood waters. It's one big advantage to living in a motorhome.

Anyway, that't my blog for this time. Talk to you again soon.

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