Sunday, August 26, 2012

Making Plans

I have been rather remiss in keeping up my blog these last few days. My "excuse", if you want to call it that, is pretty feeble, but what I was doing is also a necessity. You see, I have been contemplating. That is, I have been thinking about my next novel, what it will be and how it will connect to the last one.

For me this  is a new step in my process of writing. Normally, I awake from a dream, or half-dream, and begin to write what I just dreamed. Then the book continues and the series continues and the books seem to write themselves. This book is different, however. This book started as a single book, something that I considered a "stand alone" novel, something that was finished when it was published. I had left the ending so that it could be turned into a series, but I had never really thought that it would be one. Now I am rethinking that idea.

The book that I am speaking about is "Deakin Inheritance", which is currently being given away at It is a fast-paced science fiction novel with a female lead character who is strong, yet vulnerable. She allows the men she is thrown together with to make decisions for her until she becomes rather fed up with that situation. Then she takes over and tells them all what will be done. They are a bit shocked at her sudden attitude, but one is also pleased. “I wondered how long she’d wait to finally take back control of her life,” he said gleefully. He turned to Calida. “Good for you girl!

I have had one person review that book. That person mentioned that he/she "def. want to read the further adventures of Calida" and so the idea of a series was brought forth. At first I had to decide if I want to write another series, then I began to think about possibilities for that series. There are many directions these books could go. As that reviewer said "there's folks we find out about as the book grows that decidely need to be seen." So I've taken some time to think about it and begin to make plans, although I'm still uncertain which direction the series will take.

Thank you to "Leslie", whoever you might be, for pushing me into this new direction and giving me a new challenge. I enjoyed Calida, and I'm going to enjoy having her mature and grow as the series goes on. I hope the rest of you do as well.

If you haven't had the opportunity to download a copy of "Deakin Inheritance", it is being offered FREE until August 31. After that date, I will be removing that book from my Smashwords list and putting it exclusively onto Amazon for 90 days. There it will cost $3.99.

I wanted to give away 1,000 books by the end of August, but it seems that people are hesitant to download it for some reason. However, giving away 500 books wouldn't be so bad either.  This morning I had reached just over 300, which means that 500 is doable. So, if you haven't got your free copy, click on the name of the book to download it. Enjoy!

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